Friday, January 01, 2010

The weather in PA was snowy with a forecast of freezing rain. The weather across country was not good and only getting worse, so even though I was nervous, we headed out. We had travel mercies in that the roads through western Kansas and West Viriginia were not too bad and then it was pretty clear the rest of the way. I took some car photos just for fun! Leaving Harrisburg PAIMG_1332 It was so very foggy and yucky but I wanted a photo of the state capitol, you can see the Capitol building on the far left side of the photo. Actually I think this was taken the day before we left, oh well! Here we are heading under the mountain tunnels. There are several: Blue Mountain is the first and here it is. Under we go!

IMG_1334IMG_1344 I love this photo while driving in western PA looking down into this valley. Brings back memories of driving to my sister’s house in Pittsburgh PA for a visit! IMG_1347

Leaving PA and into West Virginia, you can see the weather is lovely! Sunset finds us in Indianapolis…pretty sunset.IMG_1354

IMG_1357 There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!

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Steve and Joan said...

Pretty photos from the car! I really like that last one - "Welcome to Kansas". Gives me a really good feeling too. That's something for a native Texan!