Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Baseball season wraps up! The All Stars were in first place and undefeated when they faced the Medical Center team again, they lost. The next week they lost to the First Bank team. The heat was 100F so they practiced less and it showed with the younger ones who lost their batting ability quickly. Unfortunately the other teams did not seem to suffer so! Our boys came in 2nd which was hard esp for Hans who was really counting on that first. (Alan who saved the day in 2 games actually struck out every time up to bat the last 2 games) Sigh! Got a hitch in his swing I guess. Their coach was wonderful, I really appreciate the time she invested,

the boys had a very enjoyable season and 2nd is just pretty good! Hans as catcher below, Hans on first above!
alan had a couple of misses before he gets a hit to first...but he's out! RATS!Here are the boys after the last game with their 2nd place metals. They are both sporting new hair cuts and some hat head!

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