Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Zoo!
It was such a beautiful day on Saturday, warm (74F), lightly breezy (even for KS), so after some chores the children and I went to Great Bend to the Christian Book store and to the Zoo and to DQ. This used to be such a huge deal when the children were little, but it was very relaxing and enjoyable. Well, except for the 2 times there was enough bickering that I said we were leaving if they did not settle it. Of course the new camera had to come along and Collin even got to take a picture (there had to be at least one of me...)

This lion was a little cranky and right up against the fence. There was another railing 2 ftin front of the fence, so the boys could not get any closer... He was probably HOT!
Neat train mural in the petting zoo area.Evidence that I can in fact share the camera... if I have to... I guess

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mosey said...

you got some REALLY neat pictures, I love that first one of the lion! wow!