Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas checklist
I was just lying in bed thinking that the business of Christmas is nearly done and my heart is ready to just relax and enjoy the magic that is Christmas.
  • It started back in October perhaps when I first started making Christmas cards..
  • Maybe a week or so before Thanksgiving I started Christmas shopping...
  • Christmas music out the day after Thanksgiving...
  • Got the outside lights up early this year because I knew it would get cold...(little did I know just how cold!)....
  • Baked cookies early to have some for the AWANA leaders when they caroled at the nursing home on the 10th
  • Had to go to several places to find a live Christmas tree the boys went alone because Erin had the flu
  • Baked more for Sunday School and School teachers
  • Christmas program for k-4 done the 8th
  • Christmas party at work missed due to illness and bad weather
  • Christmas concert 6-12 the 18th
  • Christmas program at church 12/21
  • Party at the grade school today for Alan's class today
  • Christmas shopping done...wrapping to begin.
  • Said goodbye to a dear friend moving to Nebraska yesterday

Now for those of you realizing none of those things have to do with the real meaning of Christmas consider that

  • as I decorate my house with lights and Christmasy/ winter things I am thankful in my heart for a God who loved me enough to leave heaven and come to earth as a baby!
  • Collin prayed the night that they found the live tree thanking God for leading them to a place where they sold them. (priceless). It's a thrill when your child begins to realize that God is really in all the details!
  • We sing at the Manor to lighten the hearts of those that live there and share the message that Jesus loves them!
  • Our public school principal gave thanks that we live in a community where it's Ok to say Merry Christmas (and yes they've learned about Kwanza and Hanakkuh and other Holidays).
  • I like to give cookies, cards and presents because I am so thankful for the people God has put into our lives and I that He has provided for us so that we can share a little love.
  • Lights on the house cheer me up because it is so dark outside! I suppose there is symbolism there, about sharing our light and hope in Christ with the darkness of the world, but that is my main reason and that is why I don't take them down right away.

OK, I will bring my sermonette to a close and share some photos from our Christmas busy-ness!

Merry Christmas post 1!

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Staci said...

GREAT post! I love the pic of you in the ornament :)