Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's a dog's life...

The devotion of a lab should not be underestimated! Or is he just bored?
We are the interum home for Mike and Staci's dog Remmington until Bill and Paula get ready for him. Which is fine for us, Remmy has often vacationed with us in the past, so this is normal for all of us. Although, I am getting rather attached to him... Anyway, I think he enjoys having the children to play with and basically hang out with. He has also been running and 4 wheeling with us, which has him panting heavily. He has gotten a bit out of shape!!!

Anyway, yesterday was cleaning day and I finally just had to carry the camera with me because he constantly followed me whereever I was going and laid down. I think he was wondering why I could not just stay in one room!!!
Bathroom #1Bathroom #2

And then a long run after all that...pant pant pant! I'd rather be hunting!


Staci said...

Awwww. I miss him so much! I'm glad you posted some pictures :) Sorry that he's so outta shape! lol I don't think he was run much in the last few months.

I had a dream about y'all last night. It was a sad was us saying "bye" all over again :(

Steve and Joan said...

Remington is such a good dog! He is definitely the best big dog I've ever been around. I took photos of him licking the cat at Mike and Staci's house a few weeks ago. He must have licked that cat's face for about 10 minutes before it got tired of it and left.

Remy is so tolerant of kids too! In fact, I think he just plain loves kids and people so much.

Give Remy a big hug from Daddy Steve!