Monday, June 09, 2008

Farewell, not goodbye...

Our dear friends Mike, Staci and Brody (and baby) have headed to TX to start a new chapter in their life. As much as they will be missed, I'm sure their family in TX will love having them close. As long as they wander through KS from time to time and stop in to say Hey! Plus with Erin absolutely in love with Brody, we will be making a few trips south. Here are some pictures at a farewell party at the lake.


Staci said...

Aww! Those pictures made me cry! So did the beautiful picture book that you made us. We saved it and looked at it last night. It was so sweet! Thank you! We can't wait until you come visit :)

Steve and Joan said...

Teri, Our whole family sure did enjoy being with all of you at the going away party for Mike, Staci, and Brody. We really grew to love Kansas - not because of the beautiful wheat fields or huge sunflowers, although the scenery in your area of Kansas is very pretty, but we grew to love the people that we met.

Everyone at the church made us feel so welcome and loved. Your support for each other is a wonderful Christian example and how Christ wants us to treat each other. I am so glad Staci and Mike have such lifelong friends as you and all the others that were there that evening.

Yes, we are enjoying having them here. It is fantastic!!! Brody is taking his nap today in his room at our house. And we have a bed ready when Barrett comes to visit even though they just live two blocks away. Joan is sooooo happy! (Me too!)

We also have room for your family if you ever are in Texas! So come on down to see Barrett and Brody when you can!