Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summer is fast approaching! Are you ready? Get your seatbelt on because it is always a wild ride around here! Things change in a moment! Last week we were wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts, today it is near 90*. (Gorgeous, but hot). One moment the kids and I are heading to the park, the next we are driving down brick and dirt roads to get Chris from the field. (then we all went to the park). Last week we were planning on a trip to VA this summer to visit family at a resort in July. This week we realize the we be still harvesting wheat by then, most likely. It reminds me that my life in many ways is not my own. How quickly things can change. We never expect accidents, tragedies, disasters, but why is it the little things that can make us batty (or make me batty) on a regular basis?

My life is not my own...

This realization can be both troubling or comforting. We never realllly know do we, what's coming next. The Bible even tells us it is vanity to plan ahead for only God knows what is around the next turn. Peter makes an amazing proclaimation acknowledging Jesus as the Messiah, a revelation from the Spirit of God and so soon after that he denies even knowing Jesus things because he was so scared. How heartbreaking.

I could be mad or irritated at the inconveniences, the disappointments, the uncertainties or I can increase my faith. My prayer is for contentment this summer. It gets busy and I get lonely and feel isolated the busier Chris gets. I can be irritable or make the most of these times with my children and be thankful for a faithful husband who cares so much and a God who has blessed his work to provide for us.


Staci said...

I'll be prayin' for you this summer. I know how hard summers can be on a farmers wife!

Steve and Joan said...

What wisdom in your words and the words you quoted from the Bible. Thank you for reminding us how we should handle frustrating circumstances!

Yes, you are married to a great man! I truly respect and admire Chris, a great Christian example.