Sunday, March 30, 2008

March 29th Salina KS: Third Day Live
About a month ago, Chris and I discovered Third Day was coming to KS! We got our tickets the day they became available, we got our sitter in advance and planned a romantic dinner at our favorite Italian restaraunt beforehand. I never imagined just how fun it could be:
  • Our favorite restaraunt was right across the street from the Stiefel Theatre and we got their just in time! Within 15 minutes they were turning walk in's away.
  • We knew our seats were in row A but we had no idea where aisle 3 was....right up front. Man, we were so close it was astounding!
  • They allowed cameras of all kinds!

That's 3 for 3 in my book! The only downer was we purchased a meet and greet pass for after the show, but they would only let 1 of us in! I could not imagine going alone and Chris was indifferent to it...sigh!

First set: Mac is winkin' and wavin' to lots of fans. They were singing "Come on Back to Me" and when he sang "Just put your hand in mine..." he reached down and shook Chris' hand! No camera handy by I snapped a pic of him shaking another person's hand. Use your imagination! He changed guitars and threw pics every time... we caught 2! Mac singing "I wanna be a rock star!"

I took several video clips and filled a memory card in the first 4 songs! I took snap shots gallore because I could never tell how "clear" they really were! Wow, I got some good shots! They sat us down and sang, "Thief" and "Don't You Know I've always Loved You" (my fav)! Got us up, prayed and sang "King of Glory". This is the first 3rd Day song I've ever heard...and to hear Chris singing on one side and Mac on the other. It was auditory heaven! Very worshipful too, kind of like how I imagine heaven. (only less emphasis on vocals I'm sure) It was tons of fun! They ended with "I Believe" by Rich Mullins, very cool! I even got my own wink and smile from Mac towards the end of the concert!

And for the Meet and Greet, well I just had to do it! Even without Chris I mustered up the umph to go into a room with a bunch of other fans alone... Although not at all what I wanted (ie. chris and I together) it was very nice. Both Tai and Mac recognized me from the "front row" and we had a laugh about that! How often does a girl get a picture with her favorite vocalist other than her husband?

And here we are! Blue under the lights, Happy Anniversary Chris!

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Staci said...

WOW! You were really close!! I can't believe how good your pictures turned out! That's so cool that you got to meet them afterwards!