Monday, March 17, 2008

Gymnastics update:
Erin had another meet this weekend. She had lots of fun with her team mates and some things that she was trying to improve on, she did better. However, her scores were rather low and her ranking among her age group was disappointing for her. She had hoped to rank better this time. She has a few weeks to gain some more strength in her upper body for her bar routine. (her mother thinks she is having a growth spurt, which is not helping necessarily)

On the bright side: I got some great photographs during the meet despite some really bad lighting. I discovered my camera will let me take a still photo while filming. so when it blacks out, that is what I was doing. You have to hit the button twice to get the video to start.

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Staci said...

Thanks for posting the video! I thought she looked great!

You probably think I'm slacking on checking blogs...I've just been so busy! I don't have time to check blogs at this job like I did at my last job! ;)