Monday, January 13, 2014

Mid week Holidays

Christmas and New Years both fell on Wednesdays this year and if that does not mess with your head!  Well it does if you are on vacation for all the working people who opted not to take vacation time, it was a short break.  Ours was long.  The kids hung out with friends when they could and spent a good amount of time around the house.
Dylan spent the night so he and Hans hit the hot tub.  They decided running around in the snow wet burns and then getting back in the hot tub is craziness.  Truth.
On our way home from Hutchinson doing some shopping and hitting Sonic!
Please can't I stay over night at Wyatt's tonight?

 Before break was over went to Hutchinson and the kids met up with Chelsy to go see The Hobbit.  We had taken Erin earlier to see it in Wichita, but Collin had not gone so they went with Chelsy. 

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