Thursday, August 09, 2012

Summer's End

Summer vacation is rocketing towards it's close.  The "not the best summer ever" is finally coming to a close.  Why so glum?   Well, expectations I suppose.   With Collin being 15 and Chris not having a hired man, I expected Collin and even Erin to help him on the farm.  It never really happened.  I have come to realize my husband is a loner and he prefers to work alone or with another person who can work on their own.  Other than summer workouts there was not a lot going on for them this summer.  Erin kept busier with her friends, often going swimming or for walks or movie nights.  Collin spent most afternoons and evenings playing with his friends online on xbox live. 

Hans' summer started off disappointing as baseball did not pan out as planned.  He had an enjoyable Sterling Rec Season, but the traveling/ tournament team did not work out.  He did pretty well connecting with friends at the pool or getting together.  He also did a wrestling camp with Wendell and football workouts 3 mornings a week. 

Alan had a very disappointmenting summer.  While we were busily running older kids to workouts or events he got to tag along.   None of his friends went to the pool, so even this was not a fun activity.  It seems that when we did plan something for him it did not work out.  He thought he was going to have an awesome baseball season, but alas even that fell apart.  This week he is in football camp and has even managed to be gloomy about that. 

Over arching all of this is a summer plagued with drought and heat since mid May.  It has been over 100F most days with absolutely no signficant rain.   The situation at church has been disappointing so time when we would often find enjoyment have been bittersweet. 

Where does one find joy in such annoying circumstances?  Well, the sin of discontentment has plagued everyone, including me!!!   My hope is in the Lord...not my children's performance or circumstances.Not in the weather or other people.  So i am going to work my way backwards through the summer and even spring to find the blessings and joy and record them here! 

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