Thursday, June 25, 2009

Despite rain after rain, wheat harvest is finally underway. The guys got started Thursday the 18th but then got rained out Saturday with another 2 3/4 inches of rain. They were back at it Monday night (thanks to determination, heat and wind) and have been going strong. Well as strong as you can when you're dodging mud holes and "sticky" wheat. (evidently when the wind quits and the sun goes down it gets hard to cut). It's a strange harvest for me, Collin has only ventured out to the field 2x due to a wheat dust allergy that has gotten worse each year. He has no desire to start wheezing and coughing, so when he does go he stays in the pick up until every piece of machinery has come to a stop. Hans has been rather indifferent about harvest. Erin is in TX with Mike and Staci (you can see pics here). Alan has been riding with Chris some, but this year is very different then the years when they are all begging to go to the field. I'm the cook, so my job is to feed the crew 2x a day. (lucky them...)

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Staci said...

Great pictures! Even ALAN wasn't excited about harvest?!? Crazy!!