Friday, January 25, 2008

Erin's gymnastics meet was so fun! I had serious worries (even though I know I am not supposed to) that she would score poorly because she really does struggle with some of her routines. Well, she did great!!! She had a blast!!! Her beam routine got a 9, uneven bars 9.2, floor 8.3 and vault 8.8. We were happy overall I think she was 5th in her age group. Here are the pics!
"Sticking her landing on her handstand on the beam!" YEAH!!!

The Dismount and Salute to the judge!

Can you see the concentration?

Erin, Syndey and Lauren above and Erin with Hannah Heide below. For those of you that will remember Galen and his wife Pam were in our wedding. We almost never see them anymore but here they were at this competition. We had a great time catching up and admiring our girls!

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Staci said...

Congrats Erin!